The Georgia Forestry Commission has issued a high fire danger alert for this weekend. A cold front approaching the state will bring winds up to 25 miles per hour, causing humidity levels to drop and vegetation to dry out quickly as early as Saturday morning.

“These conditions will cause fires to burn rapidly and with higher intensity,” said Georgia Forestry Commission Chief Frank Sorrells. “Lack of rainfall has already caused dry conditions and these incoming winds will push fire danger to very high and even extreme levels.” These conditions are expected to last through Monday in most locations.

Wildfires should be reported immediately to 911, local fire departments, or the GFC by calling your local GFC office. You may also call 1-800-GA-TREES (1-800-428-7337) and follow the prompts. If a wildfire breaks out, do not attempt to extinguish it. Wildfires spread surprisingly rapidly and can cause serious burn injuries or death to the individual.

“Everyone needs to stay aware of this weather situation and help reduce the risk of wildfire,” said Sorrells. “Georgia is very dry right now and we want to avert the devastation that just one spark could cause.”

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