FEBRUARY 21, 2023

A group of Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC) employees is being honored for exemplary cost-share service to landowners. The ten foresters from throughout the state have been named GFC’s Fiscal Year 2022 Forest Management Team of the Year.

“Cost-share programs are available for a number of purposes,” said Georgia Forestry Commission Director Tim Lowrimore. “These foresters are the link to landowners needing assistance with forest management challenges such as invasive plants and insects, forest stand improvement, and tree planting. The team has truly gone above and beyond to keep Georgia’s forests healthy.”

The GFC’s cost-share efforts are led by Forester Ryan Phillips, who works with field foresters in regions covering all areas of Georgia to deliver the required technical services. Together they completed more than 2,660 transactions serving forest landowners.

Team members include GFC foresters with the highest number of cost-share cases: Phillip Faulk (460 cases), Amanda Hambrick (359 cases), and Matthew O’Connor (310 cases). Other top performers with 200 cases or more are: Casey Tudor, Douglas Marshall, Tyler Brack, Gabe Outlaw, Tucker Coleman, and John Traylor.

“Team leader Ryan Phillips is commended for working diligently to expand and capture cost-share opportunities,” said Georgia Forestry Commission Forest Management Chief Scott Griffin. “And all of these foresters really went the extra mile to deliver these special programs to landowners growing and sustaining our forests in Georgia.”

Plans to honor the outstanding service of these employees are being finalized.

To learn more about cost-sharing opportunities and services of the Georgia Forestry Commission, visit

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