MARCH 22, 2024

Do you ever worry about the future our children and grandchildren will face? It might surprise you that the healthy condition of Georgia’s forestland holds answers.

A new report shows the products and environmental services we get from trees today can remain constant without depleting the resource. The 2024 Sustainability Report for Georgia’s Forests shows forest growth is exceeding removals by 50% annually. Georgia’s forest area has remained stable for the past half century at about 24 million acres. That acreage has a $42 billion impact on Georgia’s economy. It provides clean water, clean air, and wildlife habitat valued at more than $32 billion. It produces thousands of products on which we all depend.

“We’re proud that Georgia’s forests are a sustainability success story,” said Georgia Forestry Commission Director Tim Lowrimore. “While challenges are on our radar, we’re documenting solid conditions now and the future looks bright.”

The Georgia Forestry Commission updates the Sustainability Report every five years, per legislative direction. With fresh input from the forest industry and GFC data, the document details trends and challenges to forest stability. Many of the challenges are related to Georgia’s rapid population growth and urban sprawl. Changing land use has a ripple effect that often affects contiguous forestland and the benefits they provide. The report highlights the need for attention to these shifts in property trends.

“This report details the incredible accomplishments and opportunities Georgia forestry has to offer the world,” Lowrimore said. “Forests are a renewable resource uniquely qualified for sustainability.”

To read the 2024 Sustainability Report for Georgia’s Forests, go to

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