For the widest selection of species, now is the time to peruse and choose because sell-outs do occur, and your property deserves to boast the performance and aesthetics you envision.

The term “southern yellow pine” refers primarily to longleaf, shortleaf, slash, and loblolly pine trees. The GFC’s Flint River Nursery grows improved selections of loblolly, slash, and shortleaf pines. High demand is expected once again this year for Georgia Giants Loblolly, as well as Select Piedmont 3rd Cycle Loblolly and Super Select Premium Slash. These superior selections offer larger yields in volume, disease resistance, and other gains in physical properties such as straightness. Also notable are our Controlled Mass Pollinated seedlings in a limited number, which utilize superior parent pollen, and are very highly rated for rust resistance and stem form.

Early orderers will also enjoy the greatest selection of hardwood species for beautification, wildlife, aesthetics, and timber growth. Among the seedlings available are several native oak species such as northern red oak and white oak, which provide food for wildlife, abundant shade, and beautiful seasonal colors. Many ornamental, flowering, and fruit-bearing trees, such as redbud, dogwood, and persimmon, are also offered and a special “pollinator pack” is popular for its bee-friendly qualities. Check out the GFC Seedling Brochure 2024-25.

All seedlings are adapted to Georgia’s unique climate and soils. We participate in two university/industry tree improvement cooperatives and maintain two seed production orchards. GFC seedlings have been cultured to provide fibrous root systems, large stem diameter, and abundant energy reserves to ensure the best possible growth and survival. Seeds are processed at our seed conditioning plant in Dry Branch, Georgia. Husks, wings, and debris are removed and damaged or unhealthy seeds are discarded.

The now-open seedling store will be in operation until inventory is depleted. Deliveries begin the first week in December.

Buyers can receive orders at their local GFC office or pick them up at GFC’s Flint River Nursery in Byromville. To place an order, visit our online store.

You can find out much more information on species offerings and descriptions HERE!

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