AUGUST 16, 2023

A number of opportunities are now available to fund community forestry management activities and tree plantings to protect and enhance the many benefits healthy urban forests provide. Application periods are open for three grants with funding to support the establishment or enhancement of programs supporting tree plantings, distribution, and maintenance.

“Now is the time for non-profits and communities to jump on these funding opportunities,” said Georgia Forestry Commission Director Tim Lowrimore. “Georgia is fortunate to have an abundance of trees and this effort will ensure trees are planted, maintained, and better managed where they will have the greatest impact for as many Georgia residents as possible.”

The programs provide financial and/or technical assistance for tree plantings, tree giveaways, workforce development, professional staffing, canopy mapping, and other community forestry projects that deliver specific benefits. Those benefits include access to nature, strengthened urban forest planning and heat island mitigation, and improved tree equity.

The three grants available are:

“These are some of the greatest recent opportunities we’ve been able to offer that provide such tangible results,” said Georgia Forestry Commission Urban & Community Forestry Coordinator Seth Hawkins. “We know that trees shade our homes and businesses, soak up storm water, and provide innumerable wood products, but they also provide a wonderful sense of place and community. And that can be a great intersection of environmental, economic, and social benefits.”

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