Written by: Tyrah Ward Littles, Outreach Manager

When we ask the question, “How much land do you think you own,” many African American landowners are uncertain, especially with land that has been passed down through generations without a clear title. And often, these landowners lack access to the services of a trusted surveyor who can verify their property boundaries. Recognizing this need, Mclntosh SEED emphasizes and works hand-in-hand with these landowners, connecting them to the resources they need to protect their assets and prevent the potential loss of the land that is rightfully theirs.

Such was the case with landowner Maxine James.  “Mclntosh SEED provided the services of a surveyor, who verified that I rightfully possessed an additional 32 acres. This was more than double the land I thought I owned! My experience demonstrates the importance of having the correct information as it relates to your property. However, it also emphasizes how relationships with organizations like Mclntosh SEED can benefit landowners and their families tremendously. I am truly thankful,” she said.

Mrs. James’ story is not unique; through professional surveys, many African American landowners have discovered that the boundaries of their property extend beyond what they thought or were told.

In our quest to help landowners, we have had to take a “trial and error” approach, persisting in figuring out what questions to ask agencies, which people are willing to provide us with the correct information, and how we can obtain the cooperation necessary to assist our clients. And it is essential that we continue to press these agencies because we know our work is vital in advocating for African American landowners.

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