* Georgia law no longer requires notification to the Georgia Forestry Commission by people planning to burn yard debris. Charges may apply if wildfire results from escaped burning and evidence show reasonable fire prevention precautions were not taken.

The Georgia Forestry Commission is warning landowners to beware of an internet scam purporting to issue burn permits. The only way to secure a legal burn permit in Georgia is to get one online at GaTrees.org, by calling 1-877-OK2-BURN or by contacting a local office of the GFC. In some cases, a burn permit may need to be obtained from local county or city officials/offices, based on local ordinances.

“Law Enforcement has informed us that a rogue website is offering nationwide burn permits for a $19. fee,” said Georgia Forestry Commission Director Chuck Williams. “Interested buyers are prompted to enter personal information and credit card payments. Remember, authentic Georgia burn permits from the Georgia Forestry Commission are free and are only available through the Georgia Forestry Commission,” Williams said.

This scam was created outside the United States and was used similarly last year against the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, when fake fishing and hunting licenses were being offered. A “burn permit” Google search returns an advertisement for the bogus site in its results, and the site offers bogus burn permits it claims can be used nationwide. This is not true. Law enforcement agencies are working to have the imposter site ads removed from the Google search tool. However, the GFC is urging caution when searching for burn permit information, and emphasizes Georgia burn permits may only be obtained online at GaTrees.org, by calling  1-877-OK2-BURN (652-2876), or by contacting the local GFC county unit.

4 thoughts on “Law Enforcement Warns About Fake Burn Permitting Scam

  1. This needs(ASAP) people out in the area I live burn house trash and burn wire for th copper,they burn at night .YOU CAN SMELL IT ,BURN TIRES . I would very much so like to become a (WATCHDOG)for the (GFC)Anytime.

    1. If you’re burning small piles of natural yard debris, you no longer need to notify us before burning. Just follow the SSTAR safe burning practices (https://gatrees.org/burn-permits-and-notifications/). If you’re burning large piles, site prep or prescribed burning, call your county office to obtain a permit (https://gatrees.org/about/county-contacts/).

      Check with your local county government … there is no statewide ban in place, but local ordinances supercede others.

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