APRIL 4, 2022

A special team from the Georgia Forestry Commission will be canvassing the southwest portion of Georgia and working with adjacent states the week of April 3, spreading the word about fire danger. The current weather outlook for the next couple of months is indicating dry conditions and a potential increase in the risk of wildfires.

“We want to make sure everyone is aware of the possibility that one stray spark can lead to devastating consequences,” said Georgia Forestry Commission Director Tim Lowrimore. “Our fire prevention team will be reaching out to all sectors of the community, sharing critical information about how everyone can take steps to prevent wildfires and protect themselves, their families and their property as well as the property of others.”

The Georgia Forestry Commission is partnering with the Florida and Alabama Forestry Departments to share fire safety tactics far and wide. Of special concern is the lack of normal rainfall amounts and the dry vegetative matter left by Hurricane Michael that still litters the forest

“Residents should take steps now to make sure combustible materials are removed from the immediate perimeter of their homes and other structures,” said Georgia Forestry Commission Fire Prevention Team Leader Mark Wiles. “Hazardous ignition zones extend up to 100 feet around a building, so trimming tree branches, cleaning gutters and decks, and removing flammable items are wise actions to take now.”

To contact the fire prevention team, call 706-988-6856. For more information about actions you can take to reduce the risk of wildfire, visit or

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