Trees work hard for us every day. They give us clean air, cooler temperatures, nourishment and they even mitigate floods. In celebration of trees’ innumerable accomplishments and the benefits they provide, The American Grove is sponsoring the 5th annual Great American Tree Competition. The American Grove, an online community of tree enthusiasts, promotes the Great American Tree Competition (GATC) every year to commemorate the country’s most remarkable trees.

The contest is open to everyone, with a submission deadline of May 31, 2019 to To enter, submit a photograph of the tree and a brief description of why it is special, along with its location, species and size, including its estimated height and/or diameter. Multiple photos and multiple submissions per person are encouraged. Nominations will be shared via social media, including Facebook (The Grove), Twitter (@plantyourlegacy; #greatamericantree #GATC19), and Instagram (@plantyourlegacy). Nominations may also be submitted as an email attachment to

After the submission period has ended, American Grove members will have 10 business days, until June 14, to cast one vote for their favorite entry. The top five vote winning trees will move on to the next round of the competition. An “all-star” urban forestry panel will determine the winner of the 2019 Great American Tree, which will be announced on July 4. The first place winner will receive $500, second place $250, and third place $100. The first-place tree will earn a feature on The American Grove homepage, along with a lasting legacy under the Great American Tree to accompany the winners from previous years. Last year’s competition received 17 nominations and 2018’s Great American Tree was The Lone Hill United Methodist Church National Champion Eastern Redcedar in Coffee County, Georgia.

The American Grove is an online community for sharing experiences and knowledge about trees and the benefits they provide to communities throughout the nation. It is managed by the Georgia Tree Council, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to sustain Georgia’s green legacy by partnering with individuals, organizations and communities in raising awareness about improving and maintaining Georgia’s community forests. Assistance is also given by the Georgia Forestry Commission, which provides leadership, service and education in the protection and conservation of Georgia’s forest resources. Learn more at

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  2. As of July 1, 2021, changes went into effect regarding the legal responsibilities of Georgia landowners burning outdoor yard debris. Under Senate Bill 119, GA code section 12-6-90 was changed to eliminate the need to notify the Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC) by the person, firm, corporation, or association who intends to burn hand-piled natural vegetation/yard debris. Please go to and watch this video on precautions before burning:

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