JULY 1, 2024

High temperatures and lack of widespread significant rainfall are prompting new safety warnings for the Independence Day holiday. The Georgia Forestry Commission is reminding residents that the use of fireworks may lead to an increased the risk of wildfire.

“Although parts of the state have received some rainfall in the last few days, we still need everybody’s help in keeping our communities and our forestlands safe,” said Georgia Forestry Commission Chief of Protection Thomas Barrett. “As you plan outdoor activities, remember that any kind of spark or ember can be a hazard, especially fireworks that land near dry grasses and vegetation.”

It’s important to know the local regulations that apply to the legal use of fireworks before you light a fuse. Purchase fireworks from licensed vendors only and make sure they comply with local laws. Illegal fireworks pose a greater risk, due to their unpredictability. County officials and fire departments are good sources of information for local rules.

Ensure fireworks are handled only by responsible adults who understand the risks and proper usage techniques. A clear, open space away from dry grass, brush, or flammable materials is required. It should be a safe distance from forests, fields, and structures that could catch fire. Keep children and pets at a safe distance as well.

Always have water and extinguishers on hand to douse any sparks or escaped flames, along with a cell phone to call 9-1-1 in case of emergency. Remember, humans are the number one cause of wildfire and there is no shame in calling for assistance when response time is critical.

“July Fourth is such a special holiday for all of us,” said Barrett. “Have fun with carefully planned celebrations that include deliberate fire safety awareness.”

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